October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct 15, 2020
Betty's Eddies

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and here at Betty's Eddies, we encourage you to take the steps toward prevention and disease reduction.

Prevention is Key

Did you know that 1 in 8 women, and 1 in 833 men, will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime? (Breastcancer.org)

Let's take a look at the top three things to implement a health-conscious lifestyle, which may reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

🍬 Learn your family history of breast cancer

People with close relatives diagnosed with breast cancer are more likely to develop the disease themselves. Develop a screening plan with your doctor to review best plan of action for you.

🍬 Build healthy habits to lower your risk

Research shows that limiting alcohol consumption, staying active, and maintaining a healthy weight can all help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

🍬 Get screened early and self-check at home

Chews to self-examine your Betty Boobies regularly to check for changes, and increase chances of early detection.

Medical Cannabis for Symptom Relief

Cannabis does not cure cancer, but it may help those who are diagnosed with breast cancer to manage the symptoms associated with the disease such as:

🍬 Anxiety & stress reduction

🍬 Chronic pain & discomfort relief

🍬 Stimulate appetite

🍬 Address insomnia & sleeplessness

According to breastcancer.org, 75% of adults who participate in their medical cannabis survey found it to be “very” or “extremely” helpful in treating symptoms.

If you or someone you know is suffering from breast cancer, and interested in implementing cannabis, here are some questions you can ask your doctor according to Facing Our Risk:

🍬 Do you feel comfortable talking about using cannabis to help relieve treatment side effects?

🍬 Could cannabis reduce my treatment side effects and symptoms?

🍬 What are the risks or benefits of using cannabis?

🍬 What sources of cannabis do you recommend and why?

🍬 If you do not feel comfortable talking about using cannabis, can you recommend someone that I can talk to?