Cannabis Ice Cream

Grab a spoon, kick back and chill with Betty’s!

Ice Cream cone

Have you heard the scoop?

Betty's Eddies™ has partnered with legendary ice cream makers Emack & Bolio’s to combine two of life’s deliciously simple pleasures: ice cream and cannabis! We've infused our infamous full-spectrum, fast-acting cannabis oil into small-batch ice cream made with all-natural ingredients, and the result is downright delightful. Enjoy both dairy & dairy-free flavors!

Betty's Eddies™ cannabis ice cream is currently available only in Massachusetts.

Man laughing while holding an ice cream on a yellow background

Betty Brownie Vanilla

Cannabis Ice Cream

Full-spectrum infused very vanilla bean ice cream made with milk & cream with no rBST, real vanilla bean, and mixed with homemade pieces of THC-free fudgy brownie. Treat yourself!

Cup O' Coffee Chip

Cannabis Ice Cream

Full-spectrum infused coffee frozen dessert made with coconut cream base and real coffee, and sprinkled with THC-free dark chocolate chips. Vegan & gluten-free. Treat yourself!

Chocolate Sunny Days

Cannabis Ice Cream

Full-spectrum infused decadent dark chocolate frozen dessert, made with coconut cream and royal Dutch cocoa powder, swirled with THC-free sunflower butter. Vegan & gluten-free. Treat yourself!

Black Raspbetty

Cannabis Ice Cream

Full-spectrum infused blissful black raspberry ice cream made with milk and cream with no rBST and real raspberries. Gluten-free. Treat yourself!