Limited Batch Cannabis Fruit Chews

Check out our assortment of limited batch fruit chews!


Betty's Bubbly

For Celebrations* ・ Champagne

Our 10th anniversary limited-edition fruit chews bring you a burst of sparkling champagne flavor plus a boost of energy* from THCV and full-spectrum cannabis.

Ache Away Eddies

For Pain Relief* ・ Cherry

For a limited time this October, Betty’s Eddies is proud to join hands with The Keep a Breast Foundation through our shared passion for wellness, and to support a cause that affects millions of lives a year.

Beachtime Betty's

For Chill Summer Days* ・ Strawberry Lemonade

Life’s a beach- find your wave of wellness with Beachtime Betty’s! Our new, limited batch Strawberry Lemonade fruit chews feature a relaxing mix of THC and CBG, plus essential summer vitamins C & D to keep you feeling easy & breezy all summer long. Summer is a state of mind- chill with Beachtime Betty's!