Frequently asked questions

I’m new to edibles – help!

Welcome to the sweet life! Betty's Eddies™ are a great choice for a tasty treat that delivers pleasurable, long-lasting relief. We recommend starting low, with one chew in a comfy, relaxing space. Most patients report feeling effects in around 30 minutes. For a trusty time, wait at least 90 before consuming another. Sit back, relax and enjoy sweet relief - life is Better with Betty!

Can I buy Betty’s Eddies online?

Because Betty’s Eddies are infused with THC, unfortunately, we cannot fulfill online orders or ship our products. Orders must be placed through licensed dispensaries. We are available in DE, ME, MD, MA, RI, and Puerto Rico!

Where can I purchase Betty’s Eddies?

Betty’s Eddies can be purchased at licensed dispensaries across Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico.

To find a dispensary near you, click below.

What is Betty’s Eddies allergen info?

Betty's Eddies are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Please refer to the specific allergen info for your state located on the back of our package by the nutrition info. In most states, our Betty’s Eddies products in a facility that also handles wheat, eggs, and dairy.

How do I open this package?

Childproof packaging is no joke! All of Betty's multi-serving products are packaged in childproof, resealable bags for your safety. Follow the directions below.

  1. Cut or tear off the top section of the packaging
  2. Open the outside flaps to reveal the child-safe lock
  3. Use your left thumb to open the inner flap, and your right thumb to hold the outer flap, prying the two away from each other.
  4. Ta-da! You're ready for Betty!
  5. When you've enjoyed your fruit chew, be sure to re-seal the child-safe locking mechanism to keep those around you safe.
What happens if my dispensary doesn’t carry Betty’s Eddies?

Bummer! We recommend reaching out to a dispensary team member and requesting the products you would like to see carried :) Our products are available in dispensaries across Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico.

How much cannabis is in each fruit chew?

The dosage in each chew depends on your state. Use the dropdown menu under each product to see how much THC is infused into each chew.

What makes Betty’s fast-acting?

We use sunflower lecithin which improves the bioavailability of cannabinoids and results in better absorption. Bioavailability is the degree and rate that the body can absorb and process the cannabinoids.